vrijdag 22 april 2016

Where to buy? - Marble Macbook cover TREND 2016

Marble cover

Whether you’re a blogger, PR guru, photographer, graphic or clothing designer, 
Let’s face it, everyone has an Apple device of some sort. Why not give yours a fresh new look!
Today I am talking about Marble covers because it is VERY trending at this very moment. But where to buy these amazing new covers? I will show you.


 $24.99  www.uniqfind.com


 $17.98 www.amazon.com

$12.88 - 16.88 WWW.ALIEXPRESS.COM

$12.39  WWW.EBAY.COM

If you see something online you would like to buy, search with Google and you will find cheaper sites that sell the same product.

Dont know how to buy things on Ebay?
If you don't have a credit card and mostly buy things online with IDEAL you can activate a paypal account.

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